Themed Tote Bags

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Very nice tote bag. I really like it. -5 Stars

If you are a Border Collie lover you will love these canvas eco bags.  Perfect to use as a reusable shopping bag! These themed tote bags can also be used for school or to carry your computer.  Border Collies are super smart dogs, so why not carry around this stylish bag to let everyone know how much you love your dog.  There are twenty designs and the price is great, so pick up more than one design

  • Sturdy handle
  • Many fun prints to choose from.
  • Handle is strong and long enough to me comfortable on your shoulder.

Product Information

  • color is white
  • no zipper
  • made of canvas
  • handle is 8.66 inches
  • Length is 14.96 inches
  • width is 13.38 inches
  • 20 different designs to choose from

This is a perfect gift for your dog loving friend that loves their Border Collie. If you are on the hunt for a Border Collie themed tote bag you need this cute canvas bag.  Replace those boring totes! Who wouldn’t want a bag with a cute Collie on their trip to the grocery store. Whether you use it at the office or at home this will become one of your favorite go to bags.  

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